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What strikes you from the first glance about Prune Goldschmidt is undoubtedly her way of knowing how to give comfort to a garment.

Worn on different occasions, Prune Goldschmidt’s creations surprise with very modern “ready-to-wear” functionality.

Prune Goldschmidt understands that fashion is not just clothing. Her fashion encompasses many other everyday things and she likes to divert 'couture' details between hems, buttonholes, pleats, ruffled cuffs, extra-wide collars à la Peter Pan, pleated pants with clownish dimensions...

She does not hesitate to feminize the men's shirt, presenting fashion that suits both lifestyles and the places you frequent with striped, terry velvet, fine and Irish knit patterns and fabrics.

Prune Goldschmidt knows how to adapt and goes so far as to borrow fringed epaulettes, badges, medals, cockades, coats of arms from army uniforms, provoking tones upon tones which comfort, right down to the golden, rounded and monogrammed buttons.

Originally from the north of France, raised in the textile tradition, Prune, an adopted Bordeaux resident, does not cultivate the image of a ' fashion victim' lacking sensations.

Mother of five children, and an athlete to boot, it was thanks to her boundless enthusiasm that she stood out from the ranks.

Her clothes translate and exude her crazy desire to live and seduce…chic and shocking, of course!

Video to be found on the SOON Magazine website

Written by Prune Goldschmidt

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