Lookbook Fall-Winter 2023/24


It’s the completion of a new trip, to Norway in spring 2022, a gift from heaven. The fullness felt in front of such beauty of nature: the magic of the Northern Lights, wooden cabins painted in red or yellow ocher like dolls' houses, the majestic fjords or the mountains sometimes appear like sleeping trolls from 3000 meters high or background... The reflections in the crystal clear water, the lagoons seen from the sky offering gradients from blue to green. Endless sunsets revealing warm colors from yellow to red in the evening.

The silence of the snow crunching underfoot offering designs in the cavities of the warming ground.

The song of torrents.

The emerging flowers.

The cod which appear everywhere as a decoration planted around the cabins on stilts in the fishing villages witnessing the work of the sailors...

A country where women are both sporty, traditional and gala queens!

A simple life, close to nature where happiness seems to have found its place.