Lookbook Fall-Winter 2023/24


“I want beauty, joy, optimism. I've learned to not look back, to keep only the best, and to savor the present moment while feasting on beauty. Creating means living life to the fullest.” Today marks the completion of a new journey, to Norway in the spring of 2022, a gift from above. Plenitude experienced in the face of nature's beauty: the magic of the northern lights, wooden dollhouse cabins painted red or ochre yellow, majestic fjords in which mountains sometimes appear like sleeping trolls 3,000 meters high or deep... reflections in crystalline water, lagoons seen from above in gradations of blue and green. Never-ending sunsets that glow warm hues of yellow to red. The silence of the snow crackling underfoot, creating shapes in the ground's warming cavities. The song of torrents. Budding flowers. The omnipresent codfish decorating stilted cabins in fishing villages that witness sailors' travails... A country where women are simultaneously sporty, traditional, and the belle of the ball! A simple life, close to nature — where happiness seems at home. With this sixth collection, for Fall-Winter 2023/24, I share the emotions and the beauty I experienced during this voyage. The Prune Goldschmidt allure for winter 2023/24 is that of an ultra-feminine Amazon projected into a gourmand future of historic aristocratic references and a sporty wardrobe's proven performance. Allure can't exist unless a garment cut from noble and comfortable materials falls perfectly; it only
exists if the material, cut, and finishes are designed for a chic woman with a multi-dimensional life whose top priority is freedom of movement. Princess of Cleves high-neck collars under a soft, supple sweater and a light, ample coat; a silk blouse with a velvet necktie flirts with a multi-zip cargo pant in technical poplin; a flowing dress with "Couture" draping is paired with ultra-sporty knitted accessories....

The Pune Goldschmidt woman lives free of convention and dresses with contagious good humor. Whether queenly, corporate or seductive, she plays by her own rules. Before the mirror, she is reassured and satisfied by "must-haves" made for the elegant traveler, whether sedentary or intercontinental.
The Prune Goldschmidt wardrobe is like an open door to a dream of a future enhanced by a bold, ideal silhouette.