Spring-Summer 2024 Lookbook


On the eve of my seventh collection, I traveled to Rajasthan in India, the land of One Thousand and One Nights.

It’s a wonderful world in a perpetual chaos bursting with color: Jaipur pink, Jodhpur blue, Udaipur white, Jaisalmer yellow, in frescoes, enchanted palaces with extraordinary decors, legends of deities that unfold like fairy tales, fabrics, jewels, precious stones, perfumes, spices, and fireworks and garlands at Diwali, the festival of lights...

Inspired by my experiences and the things that resonate with me, and seeking to share, as ever, the most beautiful things life has to offer, with this new collection I wanted to portray the emotion of a journey through color, shape and fabric.

What moved me most were the Indian women themselves, who look like goddesses in their saris,
whatever their morphology. Even if their circumstances are beyond modest, they impart a message of hope, beauty, kindness and joie de vivre that I wanted to transpose in this collection.

My Spring-Summer 2024 collection is an explosion of joyful color, spice, dahlias and indigo against grounds of immaculate white or sandy beige.

Slender, draped silhouettes are inspired by the innate grace of Indian women in saris who sit like deities at the market, surrounded by piles of orange and pink dahlias that serve as good luck charms, or who ride on the back of motorcycles like Amazons. Then there are the customs officers who stand chic in beige overalls; dromedary patches, belts with chunky metal buckles, and little plastic and strass bracelets add a touch of contradiction. Elegant students in kurta, long, side-slit shirtdresses worn over pants, with wide stoles covering their shoulders and nape.

Bows and puffed sleeves contrast with tunic-trouser shapes, baby doll uniforms and “palace” pajamas. The materials chosen — silk, cotton, and linen, with a touch of viscose for fluidity — exalt graphic, corolla and columnar volumes that are always in motion. Sari-like draping, youthful blouses, military-inspired tunic jackets and jodhpurs merge in a whirlwind of crisp poplin, giant dahlia floral silk crepe; sensual and naturalistic lamé leopard print, and "Oasis"light cotton sateen to create an ethereal and layered silhouette.