Lookbook Fall-Winter 2022/23


For this Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection, Prune Goldschmidt is once again aimed at women of character, as elegant as they are daring, and who have mastered the codes sufficiently to be able to afford to play with them with irreverence and sometimes even a touch of provocation, without ever escaping a natural sense of chic and style.

Boldness and impertinence are found in certain prints, in the diversion of bourgeois themes such as a loden which is adorned with a ruffled Medici collar and a leather collar with very “rock'n'roll” accents, or, conversely, a very “biker” perfecto which becomes an oversized cashmere coat, equipped with zips and gold snap buttons… A “Toile de Jouy” print, directly inspired by the bedrooms of little girls who are heirs of the Countess of Ségur, hide proud amazons dressed in Plum Goldschmidt, riding their motorcycles between the landscapes of these idyllic countryside...

These very free interpretations of the great classics of a women's/men's wardrobe, however, do not allow themselves any concessions to the quality of the choice of fabrics, the seam finishes and the perfect cuts, which make Prune Goldschmidt clothes the essential pieces of a wardrobe as sophisticated as it is durable.

For winter, Prune particularly likes soft and silky materials (silk satin, crepe de chine, satin-backed crepe, soft wool and cashmere cloth, wool gabardine, etc.). The knit gives depth to the collection (jacquards with the monogram in relief, twin sets printed with a total Toile de Jouy look, etc.).

Silky and soft materials rub shoulders with supple lambskin (trench coat, Medici collar shirt, pleated pants, tulip mini skirt) to reinforce this “romantic biker” look.

The colors are bright and bold. Poppy red for passion, powdery pastels for softness (hydrangea pink, jade green), bottle green and ink blue for the twisted classics, plum color of course for the iconic color of the House, black for its strength graphic and for a few bursts of light: white, amber and gold.

This season, the emphasis is particularly placed on the build, a determining element of the look of this woman of character. V-shaped silhouette with decided shoulders and a hobbled bottom, silhouette elongated by ultra-wide and overly long pants, erasing the hips, daring miniskirts in leather or faded denim, displaying gold curb chains, on belts quilted corselets, wedding dresses “clergygirl” inspiration falling to the ankles, in black crepe or lamé adorned with contrasting collars...
Everything is enriched with these little details that make all the difference: small covered buttons, a couture nod in reference to children's fashion, a newborn bracelet attached to the wrist of a wise blouse, reminiscent of rapper bracelets , engraved snap buttons and eyelets inspired by piercings, strict navy blazer covered with patches and badges like a “biker” perfecto.

A collection for all free women who care about their elegance and comfort, perfectly comfortable and happy with clothes that they will keep for a long time.