Lookbook Fall-Winter 2021/22

The point is to laugh, cry, have fun, dare, be good to yourself, share joie de vivre and
a passion for elegance...
Bright red, for laughter and life. Deep colors (black, navy, bottle green, plum,
burgundy), pastel hues for softness, and intense colors for light (amber yellow and
admiral red). The Black Watch tartan worn by Royal Regiment of Scotland — elegant
and proud of its roots. Cotton velvet with the gentle softness of childhood for day;
majestic and fluid silk/viscose for night.
Prune Goldschmidt offers women a new cri du cœur in a world that’s dispirited and
turbulent, to say the least... “I found a kind of refuge in designing this new collection...
I always refused to accept life’s gloominess and sorrow at face value — I always keep
rallying for freedom, truth, life... I intend to hang onto the wonderment and dreams of
girlhood, like a quirky little princess, and preserve the freshness of a child’s gaze, to
cultivate the cheekiness of youth... It’s in the spirit of a quest for perpetual well-being
and creative expression — a wonderful adventure that begins anew every day with my
team in Bordeaux — that I’m delighted to share this new collection with you.”
As ever, this season the idea is to reward women, the better to honor them, to decorate
them with medals, pleated heart rosettes, bow heraldry, crests and revisited military decorations.
The clothes are produced with the support of an impassioned team and French
manufacturers, in noble, precious and natural fabrics: double-twist cotton poplin, wool
faille, wool gabardine, double-face cashmere, shaved velvet, moiré silk, silk crepe,
wool jersey with a touch of viscose for greater fluidity... and exceptional Italian wools.
Among this season’s new pieces are coats in wool and double-face cashmere, in solid
colors or two-tone, which are sometimes reversible; fine, sensual knits in either solid

colors or intarsia lozenge motifs, hand-knitted in ultra-soft wool/cashmere in a layette-
spirit garter stitch. Next, Prune adds a finishing touch with slightly oversized felt hats.

For this second collection, Prune Goldschmidt reiterates her fundamentals, anchoring
her universe with the trio of young women from her debut collection, who now set out
for fresh adventures and encounter new situations.
The goddess inspires respect. Ever elegant, she wears clothing worthy of an officer or
a general in an imaginary army. Men had better toe the line — and bow as she passes
in fringed fabric epaulettes as a total look, with tone-on-tone badges, medals, rosettes

and crests, self-fabric covered buttons for a monochrome effect, or gold-finish dome-
shaped buttons with monograms to illuminate the ensemble.

Little girls are free-spirited and happy-go-lucky. They dare to play the game of micro-
macro, with exaggeratedly long, wide pleated trousers — like a clown might wear — as

well as high-waisted trousers, stripes, terry velvet, fine intarsia knits or chunky Irish
knits that are as soft as they are fluid. The clown allusion particularly underscores the
micro-macro aspect, and Prune’s way of having fun: she might turn a man’s shirt inside
out, come up with little stuffed mice to bring a sense of comfort and protection to
everyday life, and tuck one inside a pocket for the occasional reassuring caress. Sort
of like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s or father’s clothes — or a young lady
who never really left her childhood wardrobe behind.
The woman in love dresses in her man’s shirts and turns them into something
extremely feminine. In addition to flounced collars, this time she dares to sport
sometimes gigantic bows with wide or fine stripes, or polka dots, in moiré — as well as
ruffs for even more femininity, romance and drollery. This woman might slip her
beloved’s shirt on inside-out, or his jacket or perhaps his too-large trousers... And she
dares to express herself on the subject of sexuality by creating a soft, elegant Kama
Sutra print — like a lover revealing her innermost thoughts.
But the essential bond between these women, the Prune Goldschmidt woman, is of
course extreme elegance, femininity and audacity. The gracious daring of a woman
who is free and happy!