The creator / The founder

The story of Prune Goldschmidt begins in the North of France, in this high textile industrial society of Flanders. It retains the values ​​of sharing and celebration. At the age of five, her parents left the region to settle in Charente where her father, a nature-loving gentleman farmer, established a farm. The moat of a ruined castle and the lakes of a huge estate become her new playground.
“Building treehouses, sleeping under the stars, shaping clouds, repainting tractor wheels, I thought that was life,” she recalls.

Prune Goldschmidt is a dreamer like no other. With her godmother, a former student of the School of Fine Arts, she makes sassy culottes that she wears with smart little Peter Pan collars or makes her pants from the large flowered furnishing fabrics of a residence of family. Does it look like she wears her pajamas to school? So much better ! Conventions aren't her thing.

As an adult, she learned the trade from Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel. But ultimately, it is her four children that she will choose to put first. A few years later, as they grow up, the creative passion is felt as a lack. Prune Goldschmidt imagines a collection of couture jewelry, monumental jewelry that is more of a bib or mantlet than a necklace, breaking the codes of a universe that is far too wise and polite for her taste. “I wanted to transform women into goddesses, to show that they were exceptional,” she assures. It was vital for me to engage with them. » Immediate success and unanimous recognition from an environment that is reluctant to celebrate outsiders.

But the accidents of life reshuffle the cards. She needs to rebuild herself. A second marriage and a fifth child later, Prune Goldschmidt reconnected with the textile of family origins and created the brand that bears her name: a return to life for her, a new way of existing, strong, altruistic and generous.
Fearless and daring too.

Text Jérôme Hanover
Photo Mathieu César

The intelligence of the heart adorns the beauty of the body and the grandeur of the soul.

Prune Goldschmidt in her words

"Very early on, I realized the importance of beautiful clothing beyond the simple fact that it makes me feel beautiful and makes me happy. I understood that it was also a source of confidence and well-being. And it is precisely this feeling that I want to share today with women.

Tired of not finding clothes whose cut would respect and flatter my female body, my waist, my hips, or my mother's belly, I decided to commit to the well-being of women by offering them clothing well done, which can enhance them, reveal their personality and their strength of which they are not always aware.

I offer a brand and a line with creative and elegant shapes, respectful of the body, made from noble, soft and comfortable materials and made in France by manufacturers with expertise recognized by the biggest houses.

The need to launch my House had been on my heart for years.
To accomplish this mission, I am fortunate to be wonderfully supported, first of all by my husband, Paul Goldschmidt, my main admirer! It is also and above all the reassuring and essential pillar for the development of this company.
His artistic sensitivity and encyclopedic culture are valuable assets in the development of a creative project. From the start it allowed me to structure the company and identify the competent team dedicated to this new House. The foundations having been laid, I can finally take pleasure in uniting my team around this beautiful project and developing each new collection with them.

Maison Prune Goldschmidt is therefore a young house made up of eighteen committed and passionate collaborators on whom I can count."