Spring-Summer 2023 Lookbook


Two consecutive trips to Morocco, first to Essaouira, then to Marrakech and finally to Tangier, nourished the inspirations for this collection. From my travels, I will particularly remember the dazzling colors of the walls and doors of the Medina, the light of the stained glass windows, the contrasting graphics of the tiles of the Moroccan palaces, the perfumes of the exotic gardens, the essences of the spice markets, the stripes of the fabrics found among the weavers of Tangier…

Photos, objects, traditional clothing gleaned here and there, inspired this “Travel Notebook” collection that I wish to share for Spring-Summer 2023. Far from copying and pasting, I strive to revisit the architecture of a caftan to turn it into a dress with princess cutouts, without forgetting the tassels, the buttonhole braids and the trimmings of oriental outfits.

The references to Maghreb countries are light and subtle and typify the brand's iconic clothing: oversized blazer embroidered with monogram and tassel, romantic collar embroidered with camels, harem-style pleated pants, safari shirt with ruffled sleeves, printed or jacquard dromedaries inspired by Moorish pottery.