Série limitée Les Echos - Prune Goldschmidt, la fantaisie d'une audacieuse

The Bordeaux designer launched a women's ready-to-wear brand in her name last October during Paris fashion week.

Launching your brand, in a period characterized by uncertainty and change, is the courageous challenge that Prune Goldschmidt took on brilliantly. The stylist, who trained with Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel and designed monumental jewelry, has long favored her family life. Her passion eventually took over and Prune presented her first spring-summer 2021 collection during October fashion week. Pieces that she imagined in a playful and fantasy spirit by reinterpreting bourgeois codes. She tells us about the genesis of her brand and shares her inspirations.

Why did you decide to create your brand in the middle of a pandemic?

I had planned to make a collection for a long time, a vital need to express myself. Two years ago, I started setting up a small design office to create paintings from my drawings. I was feeling my way around then the project matured over the course of meetings and its implementation really accelerated a year ago. I hadn't planned to put together my first collection in the middle of a pandemic, but ultimately it was a nice accident. I also found in the development of my first collection, as in the second for next winter, a refuge for our team, in Bordeaux, and also a good reason to fight against the gloom or sadness of the existence, for freedom, truth and life.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! It could be the emotion felt in front of a photo (I think back to the Sarah Moon exhibition) or the attitude of a woman, her posture, her appearance (inspirations which were transmitted to me during my experience at Sonia Rykiel during his lifetime)... There is also and above all the world of childhood and adolescence which inspires me recurrently (perhaps because I am also a mother... of five children!), for the gentleness, the candor and the insolence sometimes!

Do you have any icons that influence you?

I am lucky enough to share my existence with a husband who is a collector (who helps me carry out my project) so I am constantly rocked by this passion for art. I am an intuitive, I love beauty. It's less the artist that interests me than the meaning and aesthetics of the work itself. For my latest collection, I enjoyed reading through the book that Fernand Léger wrote on the circus...

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Written by Prune Goldschmidt

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