Citizen K - Paradoxale

Designer Prune Goldschmidt imagines a freewheeling bourgeoisie, an accomplished woman who has rediscovered her childhood. 

She grew up in the North of France, a land of textile history par excellence, before arriving in Charente where her father set up a farm. She learned fashion from the Rykiel family, mother and daughter, with all the passions (and tensions) that this implies. Bucolic and urban, adventurous and sophisticated, romantic and pragmatic, Prune Goldschmidt cultivates opposites with complete serenity. The standard is not really his business. Moreover, it is in Bordeaux that she finally settled down with a very large blended family, and founded her brand there in 2020 with an integrated workshop which allows her to cultivate her sense of beautiful work. Don't expect multi-logoed streetwear from Prune Goldschmidt or the overly sexy uniform of the pseudo-celebrity in search of notoriety. No, her credo is beautiful clothing that allows women to express their uniqueness. Her dressing room is also built around extremely crafted blouses and wide pants with a perfect fit. The bourgeoisie she imagines is hardly bothered by conventions. The tuxedo jacket is worn next to the skin, with contrasting patent leather babies. From the men's wardrobe, it retains a form of nonchalant audacity and details like the fourragère, this military decoration imagined by Napoleon I for the hussars. With his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds, Prune Goldschmidt has it all!

Written by Prune Goldschmidt

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