From Bordeaux with Love

I chose to create this page in order to share my tips and good deals on the city of Bordeaux and its surroundings which I have known since my student years and in which several important stages of my life have come to fruition. It was in this city that saw me grow and evolve that Prune Goldschmidt was born. Today I live between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret and it is between these two cities that I find my balance. Cap Ferret is a source of inspiration for me and allows me to find myself, to escape, to exert myself in sporting activities such as surfing, running
foot and bicycle.

Prune's playlist

I created this playlist to share with you my current favorite tracks. It's a diverse playlist with more or less recent titles. I often listen to it to relax in the evening at the end of the day or on weekends with family, it reminds me of good times and puts a good mood in
our summer evenings.

The Cap Ferret market

The Cap Ferret market located in the center is open all year round, my favorite time remains summer, there are more traders, this market is a real source of inspiration because of its colors, these tourists come from the four corners of France and some even from foreign countries all dress with a different casual style. These colorful fruits, these smells of flowers from the florist right at the entrance to the market which make me fall in love every time. This little market remains a real source of happiness and freshness that I strongly invite you to do if you are passing through Cap Ferret!

The great theater of Bordeaux

The great theater of Bordeaux is located in the heart of the city opposite the Intercontinental hotel. I like to go there to watch plays, ballets and operas. These performances are a great source of inspiration for me, I always admire the costumes they wear. (2 performances that she particularly appreciated)

The Peppone restaurant

I am a big fan of Italian restaurants. My husband loves food and always introduces me to great restaurants. Peppone is one of our favorite restaurants, we go there with friends, with family or even for a romantic dinner. There is a warm atmosphere and you feel very good there. With the confinement we even happened to have it delivered by this restaurant which also offers home delivery. We can not do without !

The springs of Caudalie

It's a spa hotel located near Bordeaux where I occasionally go to spend a moment of intense relaxation. They use great products from Bordeaux vines, my favorite is the XX. Their Vinotherapy spa offers unique treatments with natural virtues. I recommend this spa if you are looking for a soothing atmosphere and personalized treatments, it's a real little corner of paradise!