- Prune Goldschmidt

Prune Goldschmidt has a dream, to recreate the magic of her youth: of a young child dressing with her grandmother, before finding love and passion in her maturity.
Her clothes reflect that mix of innocence and naughtiness. From a Kamasutra print seen in flowing smock dresses to the naughty yet posh mini cocktails made of striped mannish shirt cottons.
“Yes, it’s a little twisted,” smiles Goldschmidt, who worked for Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel in her youth, before pausing to raise a family – she now has five children – and return with her own label in this debut collection. A cool video of the collection shot in a family chateau is called: Les Caprices.
Prune loves a statement collar, seen in some very natty seersucker trench coats and shirt dresses, or a charming denim combo of double breasted hacking jacket and bloomers. Everything finished with French skill, from the fabric buttons to the high quality fabrics; understandably as Goldschmidt’s grew up in the textile heart of northern France.
Prune Goldschmidt is presenting her debut collection and a series of statement piece costume jewelry until Oct. 5 at at 5 rue du Chevalier de Saint-George, Paris 8th.

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Rédigé par Prune Goldschmidt